Upcoming California trip

Boto Waterworks is getting ready for an action-packed trip to California in mid-May. The main event out there will be working with California regulators on behalf of the Aquaponics Association to get everyone up to speed on aquaponics food safety. AP is new and there’s a lot of bad info out there about it, so regulators are as much in the dark about AP as brand-new hobbyists. These conversations will all be going on at S3, a meeting with all the state, local, and federal-level food safety officials across the state of California.

Also looking forward to meeting with the aquaponics food safety research group at UC-Davis! This is a pretty new research cluster for aquaponics, but look for some dynamite work coming out of them in the next few years. This group includes–

Michele Jay-Russell: microbiologist and veterinarian; she studies how foodborne pathogens get from livestock, onto produce, and into people and start outbreaks.
Fred Conte: general aquaculture management.
Esteban Soto: fish veterinarian, so perfect for helping us figure out more about foodborne pathogens in fish. He’s brand-new to UC-Davis– will link to his page as soon as one’s up.

Finally, Boto Waterworks will be meeting with aquaculture firms and investors in the Bay Area and Central Valley. It’s great for scientists to know about food safety, but it doesn’t really count until it leaves the lab and starts getting used on the farm. Looking forward to meeting with GoldenSeeds, Fish 2.0, and others throughout the Bay and Central Valley areas.

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