Congratulations Falling Waters Farm!

Cropped microgreens.png

Microgreens growing at Falling Waters Farm: lights on full blast for dense, healthy growth

Congratulations to Boto Waterworks client Falling Waters Farm on receiving their organic and food safety certifications!

FWF is an all-indoor aquaponic farm in Indianapolis. I have to say this group was fantastic to work with— dedicated, professional, and committed to everything about aquaponics– including the tedious background stuff that it takes to be truly successful. That helps explain the 100% grade on the food safety certification. Seriously. FWF is on a whole ‘nother level.


Some very lively yellow perch growing at FWF


Chard in FWF’s nursery

A little bit of added info for anyone looking to do food safety and organic certifications on aquaponic systems:

1. It can definitely be done!

2. It helps to get an organic certifier who knows aquaponics.

3. Start planning for food safety as soon as you know you’ll need certification—preferably before you start to build. It’s really easy to build an AP system that will never pass an audit and then you’re stuck. Don’t let this happen to you! FWF didn’t. They planned ahead. They’re happy. Give your farm a chance to be happy too.

4. The food safety audit we used was USDA Harmonized GAP with an aquaponics addendum.


New basil transplants on their first day in the system- planting medium is DIY foam clips made by Falling Waters Farm


Those baby basil plants all grown up, certified organic, and grocery store legal! (Thanks, 100% food safety audit score.)


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