Past Projects

Falling Waters Farm (2015): Falling Waters Farm is an aquaponic operation in a renovated industrial building in Indianapolis. This facility passed a USDA Harmonized GAP audit with 100% score in December 2015; became certified organic in early 2016; and is currently selling fresh fish, herbs, and microgreens through grocery stores in Indiana and Ohio.


Yellow perch at Falling Waters Farm


Finished, packaged herbs from FWF at market

Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) for aquaponics (2015): Just like any other food production method, aquaponics has risks that need to be understood and handled responsibly. One of Dr. Taber’s roles as Director of Food Safety was to comb through all available data on zoonotic pathogens in fish, and translate that information into Good Agricultural Practices that specifically address the unique risk profile in aquaponics. These GAPs are currently available for public review here. Comment deadline was May 2nd 2015. Work is now underway to translate this GAPs into food safety audits to enable better access to markets for aquaponic growers.

Amish Aquaponics (2014):
This client needed organic certification on a small aquaponics operation. Amish Aquaponics has been running organic in their small solar-powered greenhouse since summer of 2014.

Amish Aquaponics also needed to be ready to undergo food safety certification as they follow through with planned expansions. BWW developed basic food safety practices and records to use ahead of time, so that upgrading to a full food safety audit can be as smooth and simple as possible.

FSMA regulations and aquaponics (2013): Dr. Taber’s first job as Director of Food Safety for the Aquaponics Association was to work with FDA to ensure that FSMA (the Food Safety and Modernization Act) left room for aquaponics. As a result of that work, and FDA’s interest in promoting agricultural innovation, aquaponic farms are simply treated under FSMA the same as any other produce farm of their size.

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