Boto Waterworks works with the whole farm and facility so businesses can operate smoothly.

In-house services: 

OSU food safety word cloud.jpg
Food safety:
 Boto Waterworks doesn’t just check off the boxes. BWW works with you to create sanitation-friendly design, recordkeeping systems, and employee training that make sense for your operation.

USDA organic seal.pngOrganic certification and crop care: Certifying aquaponic and hydroponic produce can be extremely challenging. Boto Waterworks has been through it before and will take you through the entire process start to finish. From fish-friendly IPM to documentation, Boto Waterworks will take you every step of the way.

Facility design:
A facility’s design is 90% of the battle when it comes to profitability. Boto Waterworks incorporates the product process, worker flow, and regulations to make sure a facility is built for smooth, profitable operation and compliance.

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